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Who We Are


Kimberly Dyan

Hey! I'm Kimberly, a former teacher who is using her love of art and helping others as a life coach. I help GenX women (women 40+) rebel against the expectations of others and rediscover who they are, so they can live life on their terms and feel free.


I believe in tapping into your creative energy and letting your inner child out to play because she wants out. Trust me on this. If you enjoyed this ebook, let's connect on social or send me an email with any questions you have about me, stress, burnout, or self-care.

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Miriam is my co-worker and BFF. She is full of personality, a great cuddle buddy, and helps with sadness and anxiety. Prior to Covid, we were ready to put her through the program to be a certified therapy dog. As soon as cases slow down, we will move forward with that so she can visit hospitals, assisted living facilities, and work with me when I have in person clients.

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