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I'm not sure you're ready for this....

Coming Soon

Kick off the Year with a Productivity Plan!

Do you feel like you don't make the best use of your planner?

Do you have intentions of getting things done, but other things get in the way?

Do you want more organization in your daily routine?

Do you have big goals for 2023, but you're not sure how to get started?

Stop! (Collaborate and Listen!)

I'm hosting a Planner Party to help you set up your planner for 2023.


You'll create your own Productivity Plan and learn how to take your map and break down your goals to reach your destination. 


We'll focus on yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. 

We'll build in accountability, so you can keep yourself on track.

There will be an option for a VIP Workshop with me prior to the Planning Party.

I don't think this can get any better! (BUT it does--there are free gifts too)

Want to be the first to know when the Planner Party launches? Sign-up below to receive an email before the Planner Party is open for general registration. 

Be the first to Know!

Spots are limited! Find out before seats go on sale.

Thank you! Keep an eye on your email for updates on the Planner Party!

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