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The 2023 Planner Party is Here!

My clients have been super focused on how to be more productive. Through helping them build routines and maximize use of their own planner, the idea for the Planner Party was born. No matter what kind of planner you use, this party will help you be more productive with your time and complete tasks with efficiency! 

How do I know if this party is right for me?

You go to sleep at night upset with yourself for not getting more done.
You have so much to do, but you don't know where to start, so you get very little done during the day. Then you go to sleep frustrated with yourself.
You start each year with a new planner but stop writing in it after a month.
You write things in your planner, but once the book is closed, you never look at it again.
You are easily distracted, so other things get in the way of your to-do list. You feel like you don't get the things you want accomplished.
You want to make the most of each day. You want to take care of business and make sure you have time for yourself.
You LOVE planners and planning and want to hang out with like-minded people.

join the Planner Party

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Presented by Kimberly Dyan, Life Coach 
Beyond the Chrysalis Life Coaching

I help women 30+ who feel overwhelmed and stuck regain control of their life, so they can productive, stress free, and joyful everyday.

As a Whole Person Life Coach, I offer unique coaching programs that focus on different areas of your life, so you can feel whole. My passion is helping women make the most of each day because life is too short to settle. The Planner Party is a fun way to let people not in my coaching programs see what I do with my clients who are working on productivity.

What You Need to Know

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The Planner

Smartphone Holder
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Talking over Coffee


What kind of planner do you need? Any kind you want! This is to help you make best use of your planner. If you need suggestions, just ask!


The In Person Planner Party and VIP experience will take place in Huntsville, Texas at the Studio Wellness Center on Sam Houston Ave.


What do you need? Pens or pencils, stickers (if you use them), your planner, and an open mind. 

I will send out a full supply list once you are registered, and for in person participants, some supplies are included.


I will be providing light snacks for the In Person Planner Party. If you have food allergies, please let me know. 

If you register for the VIP experience, lunch and snacks will be provided. 

I will also provide water and coffee.

What to Wear

For the In Person Party, you can also wear what you want. I want you be comfortable and relaxed to focus on our work.

If you sign up for the VIP Experience, we'll be doing light Yoga in the morning. 

Image by Kasturi Roy

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How Do You Want to Attend the Planner Party?

You're In! Watch for an email with invoice! Invoice must be paid within 24 hours!

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