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3 Mistakes You're Making with Your Vision Board

Hey Gen X! It's me, Kimberly...

Let's chat about mistakes people make with vision boards. Maybe you made a vision board in the past, and it didn’t work for you. Or you swore off making vision boards because you do not believe they work.

Here are three common mistakes people make with vision boards:

✨ Don’t look at it every day and feel what they want to achieve. The process of creating is important but so is spending time with your vision board and feeling your goals.

✨Don't finish it because they are busy taking care of everyone else and do not have the time to do something for themselves. Making a vision board is self-care; you carve out time to set your intentions just like you schedule time for everything else.

✨Aren’t intentional or unrealistic with the images. Say you want to lose weight, but you put a model on your vision board that weighs under 100 lbs. This would not be a realistic or healthy goal for me. Sure, I need to lose weight, but I'll never be less than 100 lbs. Looking at this would just frustrate me and make me mad.


2022 will be the year your vision board works for you; save your seat for the vision board party on Dec 28, 2021. Click the link in comments/bio to save your seat!

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