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Break Free from the Box

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I've noticed something about many Gen-Xers. We were put in a box when we were younger, and so many of us are stuck in it. We are trapped, practically suffocating living a life others wanted us to live.

Hear me out. Many of us were first generation college students. We got a degree because our parents wanted more for us, and we didn't want to be stuck "working for the man" like our parents were. Many of us got jobs in our fields, but some had to settle for a job outside their field because that was the job market at the time. Due to our high work ethic, many of us are still in those jobs even though they aren't satisfying, and we don't like them. They have become a safety net, so we are stuck in a box we were shoved in long ago.

This was me. I kind of put myself in the box, but society and my parents kept me trapped inside. My whole childhood I wanted to be a teacher because I enjoyed kids. I had a chalkboard and would teach the younger kids in the neighborhood math, science, and spelling. I even gave them report cards to take home.

I went to college and graduated with a degree in teaching and started my career. I went into my first job with so much excitement and passion. I made it past my fifth year (the year when first year teachers burned out) with passion and excitement still in my heart. After year eight, I was not as passionate. I was burned out and overwhelmed with my job. It was way more than teaching information and having fun witch children. It was was difficult to balance all the hats I was expected to wear.

After year 10, I decided to leave teaching and find something else. I was drained, and I needed something new that would fill me up. Plus, I had just suffered a huge loss in my life, so a change would be good for me.

The problem was my resume showed my education and experience as a teacher. Most of the interviews I went on were met with the same words, "You're a teacher." It was like they didn't understand all the skills needed to teach and manage a class of twenty-two children. As a teacher, I did way more than stand at the front of the room and recite facts. They kept me in the box.

My parents kept pushing the lid down on the box to keep me inside. They constantly told me that my degree was in teaching, so I should be a teacher. My feelings didn't matter. They thought I should go to a job every day, do the work, go home, and repeat the next day. They also didn't understand what it was like to be a teacher. But, most of all, it was what they had done. My mom is a Baby Boomer (born 1951) and my dad is from The Silent Generation (born 1939). To them a job gives you a paycheck and insurance, and it's not for personal fulfillment.

My idealistic Gen-X self has never agreed with this view. A job should be fulfilling. A job should not feel like work. A job should be aligned with your values and life.

Y'all.... at 42 years old, I broke out of the box. It was like the Kool Aid man breaking down the wall when we made an entrance. I took a huge risk and decided to start fresh with a new career. Was it scary? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell Yes!

Someone told me about life coaching, and the way life coaches help people reach their goals. I started to research life coaching and looked into different programs. While I was still teaching, I completed a program with Coach Training World. I became a Whole Person Certified Life Coach and started putting together an exit plan from teaching. It took a lot of trial and error and a lot more soul searching but I found my niche and decided on the impact I wanted to make.

Looking back, I feel like the Hulk. Less angry; more empowered.

I broke out of the box I had been trapped in for years. I am here to help other stuck, burnt out Gen-X women do the same. When we work together, I take you through a variety of creative experiences to help you rediscover your life purpose. Then, I equip you with the tools and confidence you need to break out of your box and start a new career that fulfills you.

Take a moment to think.

How would you feel if you took control of your life, broke out of the box you've been trapped in for years, and did the work you were put on this earth to do?

It feels AMAZING to me!

Want to chat more about how I can help you break free and be brave enough to do something different? Let's do it. Schedule a complimentary call here. Also, follow me on Facebook for more wisdom, motivation, and a stroll through our Gen-X childhood.

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