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Did You Miss the Big Announcement?


Watch it below!

Hey GenX! It's me, Kimberly...

Yesterday, I went live on Facebook to talk about several important topics. I addressed the elephant in the room: the last 20 months have sucked for many of us. We are ready to take back control of our lives and our goals.

Then I introduced the solution to all your problems! A Vision Board Party! Seriously, it's a way you can let yourself dream and take control of what you want in the future.

Then I introduced a limited offer. If you buy a seat to my upcoming Vision Board Party by 11/29, you'll receive a FREE planning call with me. Yep! You'll get FREE coaching, and I'll help you gain clarity on what you want in 2022 and prioritize your goals. Watch the video to hear all you get at the Vision Board Party and with the Planning call.

Ready to take back control and attend the Vision Board Party? Click the button below.

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