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Finding Thankfulness in 2020

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

You may read that title and think, "As if! It is literally impossible to find anything to be thankful about this year. I agree; it's hard to find the good because the bad has been so big. In fact, I could easily list 25 things Covid-19 ruined in my life.

But, I won't do that. It's not what the season is about. It would also be counterproductive. The more we focus on the bad, the more bad we invite in. You may not believe in the Law of Attraction, but your mind will work to find more of whatever you're focusing on. The brain likes patterns. It's science.

For example: have you ever been shopping for a new car and had a certain kind in mind? Your brain will see it everywhere and you'll take that as a sign that you should buy that car. Your brain is just finding the things you're thinking of. It'll do the same with the bad.

Even though it's been a rough year with more lows than highs, it's important to dig deep and find the good. Be genuinely grateful for those and attract more of those moments.

Before I start putting together our Thanksgiving meal, I wanted to share the things I'm thankful for in 2020. I invite you to comment on this post with the things you're thankful for.

  1. My health (knock on wood) and the healthy of my close loved ones.

  2. More time with my son. He is 18 and usually busy with school and theatre. In the spring when things slowed down, we had more time together. I am thankful for each minute he chose to spend with me because college is coming, and those moments will be less and less.

  3. My dog, Miriam. She snuggled with me and made me laugh all year. She brings me such joy.

  4. Reconnecting with friends by actually talking on the phone or spending hours on Zoom just chatting. I was not stopping in my busy life to do this, and my friends mean the world to me. I treasure each conversation we got to have this year.

  5. The gift of time. Again, I was forced to slow down and stay home which opened up time for me to work on my coaching business (Beyond the Chrysalis Life Coaching). I have developed a brand, a 90 day program to help Gen X women break free from burnout, and a private FB group. I'm blogging, and I have been taking time to learn about business. I'm living the dream.

  6. Making new friends. All that online learning and working on my business connected me with some awesome people. Not only on a professional, networking level, but on a friendship level. I'm thankful for new friends when the need for connections was so strong.

  7. My position with SAAFE House. I was elected President of the Board of Directors in September. I have been working really hard for the agency and the board. I love having being able to give back to an organization who was there for me when I needed them. I feel aligned with my purpose in this position. Plus, I keep getting told I'm doing a great job. (BONUS!)

  8. I went back to school, and I'm thriving being in an environment where I'm learning and discussing ideas. It's kinda weird being a non-traditional student, but I enjoyed this semester a lot.

  9. Reading book. I read a lot during the 6 months I was at home. I had not given myself time to read in ages. I devoured so many books. I even read genres outside what I would normally read, but I was reading. I am thankful for the time to do that.

  10. Time to cook and do more in the kitchen. Before selling Pampered Chef, I rarely cooked. Being a consultant pushed me out of my comfort zone. Being at home gave me more time to try new recipes, experiment with different products, and meal plan. I love meal planning.

There are many more, but I wanted to keep the list short. My kitchen is calling, and I'm sure you are also busy with meal prep. Now that I have listed those out, it seems that a lot of them have to do with having time to do the things I enjoy or have wanted to do. I'll have to do a blog post around making time for the things you love because it's super important. Even with the stress of the pandemic, being able to do the things I love and work on my business made a huge difference.

I wish each of my readers and clients a very Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year?

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