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Finish 2021 Strong!

Earlier this week I posted on social media and emailed about there only being 90 days left in 2021. Usually this would send me into a panic. It may have sent some of my FB followers into one. The end of the year is stressful with the holidays; add onto that a pandemic that has been going on for over a year and it's a disaster. How can we get everything finished in 90 days when we've had obstacles thrown at us for over a year?

Forget about all that. We've made it this far, and we're going to keep going.

First thing you do is set the INTENTION to start and/or finish something by the end of the year. Below are some examples, but I want you to think about what is top of mind for you right now. What will make you feel good to have finished (or started) by the first of the year?

  • Organize a closet or room in your house

  • Plan a holiday party

  • Work on your website or blog (update, start, etc.).

  • Do a craft project you've been meaning to do.

  • Plan a trip for 2022

  • Clean out your clothes or your kids' toys/clothes

So, what do you need? You need your planner, or you can print off calendar pages online for free. You just need October-December 2021. Then you need post-it notes and pens/pencils. Oh, you may also want a piece of paper or a blank page in your planner.

Start by choosing a project that can be completed by December 31st. Be realistic. Make a list of all the steps that it will take to complete that project. Think about all the parts. If you're donating clothes, do you have the boxes you need to put them in? Where are you going to take them? If you're want to finish a craft, make sure you have all the supplies. Where will you work on it? What will you do with it when you're finished? Ask yourself all the questions.

Then look at your planner. Put a large X on each day you will not work on this project. Consider holidays, travel days, days you're spending with family, etc. Be realistic here. You will not work on it daily, especially with the holidays coming.

Then write the different steps of your project/goal on sticky notes. Stick these on the days where you have time to work on meeting this goal. By using sticky notes, you're able to move the steps around. If you miss a day, don't beat yourself up; move the activity to a different day. You can cross things off as you finish them or remove the sticky notes.

By December 31, 2021, you would have completed a goal in a little less than 90 Days. You'll feel fabulous and be ready to set a new goal for the new year.

Speaking of that... When you're writing on your planner, add "Vision Board Party" to December 28, 2021. That is the day that I will be helping 20 women dream, plan, and create what they want to manifest for 2022. I figure, why wait for January 2022 to get here like everyone else does. Let's get everything ready to go on the 28th of December and cruise into the new year with a plan. Click here to get on my list of the women who will find out about registration first.

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