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One Word

If you have ever made a New Year's resolution and stuck to it for the whole year, please reach out to me. I'd love to know what it was and how you did it. I've always made resolutions or set goals for the dawn of each new year only to abandon them a few months in.

I don't think I've ever hit a New Year's resolution. In fact, according to Forbes in 2019, 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail. Before knowing this statistic and becoming a life coach and learning so much about mindset, I blamed myself. I felt like I couldn't reach goals. I actually believed that I must not really want those things bad enough, or I would have been able to make them happen.

We often hold ourselves back by setting big, scary goals because we don't put anything in place to support us through the journey. Plus, our brains like to keep us the same because being the same keeps us safe.

In 2019, I learned about the concept of One Word which is also a book by Jon Gordon. All you do is choose a word for the year and stick to it in everything you do. By focusing on the one word, you attract that mindset in you life and day-to-day activities. It's a lot less pressure on the mind, and it's a more positive experience. You're less likely to feel like a failure.

I went into 2020 with a word not knowing that 2020 would turn us upside down and sideways. Reflecting bak, I chose the right word because I look back at 2020 with pride based on my word.

I know y'all want to know my word, but I want to tell you how I chose it. First, I read the book. It was a really quick read. Then I flipped through it and looked online for "sample words." I had been told how your word "just comes to you." (P.S. I didn't believe that until I went to choose my word for 2021).

I made a list of words that stood out to me from the book and an online search of possible words for the year. I kept the list in front of me at my work space. I'd glance at it every so often to see what popped out at me. The same one kept jumping off the page at me: UNSTOPPABLE. I wanted to reach my goals without anything stopping me. I was going to be unstoppable in 2020. I made a graphic and put it and the word in front of me everywhere.

Looking back, I think I was UNSTOPPABLE in 2020. I'm here. I'm thriving in my coaching business. I'm excited to help people. I went back to college. I overcame a lot of obstacles because I was UNSTOPPABLE.

I started thinking about my word for 2021 about a month ago. One night I was out walking Miriam, and a word just came to me out of the blue: CLARITY. I started to think about where I want to go in my coaching business, and with my life in general, and it made sense. I wanted to be clear on what exactly I want. The more I thought about it, I decided that there is more than just being clear; I need to stick to the vision. I need to be deliberate. Since 2020 was crazy, I decided two words would be appropriate for 2021: CLEAR and DELIBERATE. I will get clear on what I want, and I will say no to things that aren't part of the vision/plan. I'm SUPER excited when I think about the possibilities for 2021 with these two words guiding me.

Do you have a word for 2021? Comment with what it is. I love to see what words are guiding people into the new year.

Want to learn more about choosing a word for 2021 and creating a Vision Board to keep you focused? I'm throwing a Vision Board Party on January 2, 2021. I'll be guiding you through activities to help you start 2021 with a bang!

Check it out here: Vision Board Party 2021

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