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Play Time!

When is the last time you played? I don't mean for your kids' sake. I mean played and had fun doing it? Used your imagination? Got messy. Laughed? Created something new?

Most people my age cringe when they hear the word creativity.

They think of arts and crafts.

They think you have to be talented and create gallery worthy pieces.

They think they are the furtherest thing from creative because they are none of the


They have it all wrong! You have it all wrong if you have any of these thoughts. Creativity is defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something (Vanlim, 2017). That's it. It really is that SIMPLE!.

So, you have an original idea to put data into a spreadsheet? You're creative.

You like to try new recipes, but alter them to fit your taste buds? You're creative.

You have an interesting idea for a new business? You're creative.

Yes, it really is that SIMPLE!

Why am I so focused on showing you that being creative is simple? I want to encourage you to find things you enjoy that are creative. Here are three reasons you need creativity in your life right now:

Problem Solving: when you're being creative, you're a better problem solver. That's because when you're creative you can see things differently and be able to deal with uncertainty.

Let's look at my story of moving form burnt out teacher to life coach. I'm naturally a writer and use that as my creative outlet I also dabble in mixed media and creating collages on canvas. My art projects look like a third grader did them, but the process of being creative freed my mind and gave me space to make decisions about my future. Sitting down to write out my feelings has the same affect. My mind becomes clear of all the clutter, and I can make decisions from a better, more logical space.

Even if creativity looks different for you than me, your creative outlet will help you get into the flow and make decisions.

Stress Relief: "Taking time to use our hands, minds, and energy doing something we enjoy... ... is of highest importance in life," (Vanlint, 2017). Remember, you choose what creativity is for you. What every brings you joy and relaxes you, will decrease your stress.

I mentioned how my mind becomes clear when I sit down to write or create something new. In these moments, I do not focus on the final product. I focus on the process of creating. This actually puts me in a state of calm and relaxation. The worries of my day melt away for the time I am engaged in being creative. I feel better. Make creativity a priority for stress relief if nothing else.

Self Awareness: "As we create we begin to access our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. When we take the time and energy to develop our own ideas, we learn to understand, trust, and respect our inner self," (Valint, 2017).

It is safe to say, we all wan tot show the world our true authentic selves. How do we do that? By understanding who we are. Creativity, while helping us problem solve and destress, allows us to discover our purpose, passions, and understand what is important to us. Through this process, we get to know what we want, what we don't want, and how to be unapologetically our true self. That's the end goal: to look back on life and say you didn't sell out and be who others thought you were. Be creative, whatever that means to you, and tap into who you are.

What I like to do with my clients is help them connect to their inner child! I want you to play, use your imagination, and remember that life is supposed to be fun. Guess work? Even work should be fun. SAY WHAT? Yes, I said what I said. Work should be fun and a place you look forward to going.

As you come to the end of this post about creativity, I hope you have started to believe you are creative. I hope you see the benefits of making time to be creative. So, tell me, how will you be create today.

Want to connect to your inner child and learn how work can be more fun? Reach out today for a free, 30 minute Clarity Call. You'll gain clarity around what is holding you back from playing and having fun in life and/or at work. And, if it's okay, I'd love to talk to you about how I help burnt out Gen X women, rediscover their life purpose so they can have a a job they love and be more present for themselves and their families.

Schedule free call here.

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