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Stress is normal? Say what?!?!

We all experience stress everyday. It's a normal part of life that can help us prioritize what we have to get done and be more productive. So, some stress can help us and we shouldn't be scared of it. BUT, how much stress is too much and how does burnout fit into the equation? Stress is too much pressure and demands and can have physical and mental effects. When you are stressed, your body and mind can still feel under control. Unrelenting stress can lead to burnout, but there is more to burnout than too much stress. Burnout on the other hand is about NOT enough. Burnout leads you to feel empty and mentally exhausted. You have no motivation and don't even care anymore. You don't have a sense of control and do not believe that things will improve. So, how do you deal with stress so it doesn't lead to burnout?

Here are my top 3 tips:

1️⃣ Get up and move. You don't have to join a gym and commit to going 5 days a week. That'll just add to your stress. Just move. Go walk around your front yard or a local park. Find yoga on YouTube. Any kind of movement during the day will help.

2️⃣ Build a strong support system. Who can you call or text when you're feeling overwhelmed? You're not a burden to your friends/family. A strong support system will help you not keep all the overwhelm bottled up inside.

3️⃣ Limit your contact with negative people. People who are always finding the negative in every situation will bring you down. This will cause your little, everyday stressors to feel so much bigger. When someone is feeding that part of you, those stressors become bigger than they actually are. I know it sounds overly simple, but it really is easy to manage stress and avoid burnout.

Are you ready to dive deeper and practice some of the simple techniques to manage your stress? Join me next week, starting February 8th, for my FREE Workshop: Reenergize Your Body, Mind, & Spirit. I will give you easy tips for managing stress, and we will practice them together. For the day we focus on the body, I have a workout coach coming to show us simple ways we can move during the work day. You deserve to give yourself the gift of relaxation and stress reduction. Join my exclusive Facebook Group: Gen X Living on Purpose by clicking HERE.

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