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Why GenX Women?

When I tell people what I do and who I serve as a coach, I often get a lot of questions.

  • Who is GenX?

  • Why do they need help? They don't care!

  • Why don't you just say the age group?

  • Why don't you just say women in midlife? (This one makes me cringe)

Before I answer, let me set some parameters. I've done a ton of research on GenX and what their problems are in general and in the work place. I've used the Pew Research Center to define who GenX is in terms of birth years. According to a sociologist not affiliated with Pew, they are legit in terms of the research they do and the data they share. They define GenX as born between 1965-1980, so we are about 41-57 years old.

I have also gathered information from a six part documentary called Generation X by National Geographic (I totally recommend it). They define GenX as being born 1961-1980 which would make GenX 41-60 years old. When I refer to GenX, I'm talking about those who are over 40 up to their 60s.

Side Note: If you're over or under those ages, and my content speaks to you, welcome! I'm glad you're here.

So, because of our age, we're now "midlife" (gag!). I haven't spoken to all GenXers on the planet, but the ones I've talked to do not want to be referred to as "women in midlife". That makes us feel old (we're not--1990 was just 10 years ago--KIDDING).

The problem with the term "midlife" is that it implies that we're on some downward spiral to the end. That does not motivate me at all. The way I see it, we're just getting started. When you're over 40. you're finally coming into your own. You know who you are. It's not a mid-life crisis, but a "I'm a grown ass woman, and I'm ready to live life my way.

Why does GenX need help?


There are so many women who are exhausted, overwhelmed, and trying to live up to the expectations that everyone has for them. GenX is a small generation sandwiched between two extremely large (and loud) generations. Even though we were called slackers in our youth, our work ethic is strong. We are often passed over for promotions because we do not have the years of experience the Boomers have and we are not as vocal about our demands as the Millennials are. We want our work to speak for itself. We work hard, but we are still overlooked.

Add on the fact that we are in a unique position because we are having to care for our aging parents and raise our kids at the same time. Although other generations have experienced this, GenX is feeling it more than our parents before us.

As women, we give to everyone before we give to ourselves. We are taking care of our kids and parents, our significant other, our jobs, and whoever else needs us. (Even if this doesn't fit everyone reading this, think about all the people you're helping before helping yourself.

Are you tired from just reading that? I am... GenX women have a lot on their plates. Add menopause and our changing bodies. Trying to date in midlife". Keeping our marriage fresh. ETC.

All this can lead to burnout. This is where I come in. I help GenX women who are burnout, overwhelmed, exhausted, and craving a new life rediscover what brings them joy and create a life on their own terms. No more doing what other people expect you to do.No more helping everyone until you've done something for you.

Want to talk more about your GenX experience? I'd love to set up a FREE call to go discuss what your struggles are and give you new things to try.

Just click here: FREE DISCOVERY CALL.

Thanks for reading more about GenX and what their struggles are. I'm excited to talk to you more about what your GenX experience is and how I can support you!

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