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You Can't Turn Back Time

Cher had a hit song in 1989 called, "If I Could Turn Back Time." It was a song about how she would do things differently if she could. The thing about time is you can't turn it back. You can't go back and do things differently.

Sidenote: After watching The Butterfly Effect, I wouldn't want do go back and change things; it messes up other things when you do.

Time is defined as a limited period or interval; duration regarded as belonging to the present life ( For me, this definition tells me that the present is more important than the past or future (neither are mentioned), and my focus should be on what is happening right now.

So, we can't go back and change anything, and time is all about the present. What does this mean for us?

It means that it's time to stop looking back and stop looking forward and make the most out of the right now. It means that we need to embrace the moments we have right now and live them fully. Yes, it sounds cliche, but tomorrow isn't promised, and we already established we cannot turn back time.

How do you embrace the moments and live fully? It looks different for everyone, but it begins with making priorities and learning to manage your time (I'll do a different post on time management next week). You set boundaries. You say no to the things that don't serve you and say yes to the things that bring you joy.

Another thought on time, is it goes fast. The present I was in at the beginning of drafting this blog is now the past. Many things have taken place all around me. We tend to downplay all the cliches about time, but they are all true. Time is going to keep moving forward whether you want it to or not, and you may as well move with it. Don't put things off. Eat the cake. Dance in the rain. Do all those things they embroider on pillows at Home Goods.

Tell me, how do you make the most of your time? How do you live life fully in the present?

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