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You're Not Too Old to Party

You haven't purchased your seat to my upcoming Vision Board Party yet? That means you haven't claimed your FREE Planning Call either. What's stopping you? For me, a Vision Board party is a no brainer.

Why? Let me show you:

  1. We are GenX; we’ve always been able to party. Duh!

  2. Even though our bodies are telling us we are too old for some things, our minds are young. We have a lot of things to check off our lists, so we aren't slowing down.

  3. Our kids are telling us we are too old for everything, but we grew up to not be as apathetic as our parents thought we were. We have dreams. It’s not too late to start; in fact, this is the best time.

  4. We may be in our 40s and 50s, but we aren’t as old as our parents were at our age. Life is adventure, and GenX is always up for an adventure.

  5. Even though the party may look a little different now, bring your favorite drink (do they still make Zima?), wear your most comfortable flannel, and get ready to create.

Seriously though…

Vision board parties are the best way to manifest all your dreams. People say GenX is in “mid-life”, but I think we are just getting started. There are only a few hours left to take advantage of the FREE Planning Call with the purchase of your seat at the Vision Board party. Don’t sit this one out. You’re not too cool; in fact, you’ll be one of the cool kids because you’ll have control of your 2022 and be kicking ass!

The timer is running down... Click the button below to grab your seat!

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