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Coaching & Workshops

If you're looking to work with a life coach, I provide one-on-one and group coaching to help GenX women create a plan to live life on her own terms. No more living based on what other expect you to do.

I also offer monthly, creative self-care experiences for fun and relaxation. Click below to learn more about all my coaching programs.


Information on 90 Day Group Coaching Program Coming Soon!

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Vision Board Parties

Every 12 weeks, join me for a planning session that will conclude in a vision board party.

Work with Me!

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Kimberly offers a clear and open space for you to work through your professional and personal roadblocks. She doesn't try to "build it" for you, she helps you find the answers within yourself. My session helped me to create a priority list for the last three weeks of 2020 and to create the main outline for the first quarter of 2021.


The outcome of my sessions with Kimberly have been so gratifying. She gives me space where I can freely express my thoughts and emotions, which has created deep trust in a short amount of time. I know Kimberly is very present because she asks insightful questions that encourage me to stop, reflect and go within to seek the answers. I am able to see what I perceive and how I can change the situation. It's up to me! The result of our sessions has allowed me to feel empowered, own my situation and more importantly, be my best self for my husband and my family.


"I've had years of therapy over the last 40 years. I've gone to psychologists, church counselors, and hypnotherapists. The thing I really liked about my coaching session with Kimberly was that she didn't just keep asking over and over, "And how did that make you feel?" In less than an hour, she brought me to an "Ah ha!" moment. She was easy to open up to and she left me with tools to start chipping away at my invisible mountain."

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